MonoChrome Studio Rates for Services:

Open 7 days, 24 hours (by appointment only)


Recording/Studio Time: $35 an hour (2 hour minimum) engineer included

Block Rates: 4 hrs $130 8hrs $255 10hrs $315
(In order to leave with a premixed (unmixed/unmastered) copy of your songs on CD,
please allocate 20 minutes per song during scheduled time.)


Quick Mix $35 per song / $400 per album
(up to 80 minute Album)
Full Mix
$160 per Song / $1600 per album
(up to 80 minute Album)


$40 per song / $400 per album
(We prefer to receive songs in 24bit wav format with at least -3db of headroom for best sound.) ($10 each additional version)


Original Instrumental/Beat Purchase starting at $200 per Beat
(full length instrumental without tags and that is fully mixed & mastered)

Data (raw)

CD: $15 per disc (700mb)
DVD: $30 per disc (4.75gb)